Girl, I'm TERRIFIED of full wheel! My tighter than tight tushy shoulders scream in it. That pose just screams injury for me haha.

i know, right? i’m perfectly content in bridge :)

new discovery: i’m scared of full wheel. why am i scared of full wheel?

it’s not even THAT difficult. i mean, you even get to keep all your limbs on the ground.

Class 48: happyyyy

the title pretty much sums it up? today at L’s C2, i was simultaneously reminded both why i love and why i hate yoga.

why i hate yoga: OH MY GOD MY QUADS. THEY BURN SO GOOD. L had us do lots of intense crescent moons and warrior IIs and horse poses. LIKE A LOT OF THEM. and now i think i may die.

why i love yoga: i’m 98% sure that my heels are now millimeters from touching the ground in down dog. which is surprising seeing how i haven’t actually been in down dog in at least a week. ALSO. I DID A FREAKING TRIPOD HEADSTAND. WITHOUT THE WALL. IT WAS AWESOME. THE AWESOME-EST. 

so i’m pretty much super stoked to be alive right now. minus the spontaneous awkward meeting of the new neighbor boy right after yoga when i was super sweaty and too mentally unprepared to deal with him in a logical fashion. yoga highs kill, people. …well, no one died, but still….

i’m just. good. real good.

i’ve been terrible about my practice lately.

but all my friends are coming home and doing fun things and i don’t want to miss them and i’m lazy an waahhhhh.

ugh. i really do need school to keep me in line, don’t i.